Aston Martin, now here’s my favorite brand. Ever since i first laid eyes on a green DB9, i was in love. Not only was that my first encounter with an Aston, it was the first Aston Martin I ever drove. (the only one in fact, till now)

I cannot describe the feeling and emotion that take over you the minute you comfortably sit down, and start the engine… But enough about that, I’ll tell the story another time. This article is about the new One-77 Aston Martin.

I don’t care if you are a BMW sort of person, or names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche fill your heart, this is a car that will certainly turn many heads as it passes by innocent bystanders. This is in fact the most beautiful car i ever seen. Words are useless, or maybe not, but i cannot seem to find any. Sublime is maybe an appropriate way to call this, but then again, look at the pictures and see for yourself.

(later edit) I’m a bit over the Aston Martin effect, so maybe I should say a few things about the car itself.
So, what’s under the hood you ask? Well we have a naturally aspirated Vantage-derived Aston Martin V12, 6.0 liters that produces no less than 700 bhp. More than enough for any kind of road, in fact considering the rarity of the model (only 77 are being produced) and the costs (1 million euros) the average owner of this car probably will never drive it as it was built to go.

This two door coupe, has a promised curb weight of around 1500kg, and does the 0-60 run in less than 3.5 seconds, with a top speed in excess of 200 mph. The powerful V12 with Rear Wheel Drive and a 6 Speed true sequential manual transmission with paddle shifters that easily send the all that torque to the tires, take the 20 inch beautifully sculpted rims spinning out of control, while you comfortably squeeze the steering wheel.

And of course in case you need to stop before you run out of gas that is, you can safely rely on the Carbon Ceramic Matrix brake technology that take the 20 inch Pirelli tires to a full stop in the shortest distance possible.

Fabulous car indeed. Now you can enjoy the gallery below.

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