The famous Harrods store in London is the host of the smallest and cheapest member of the Aston Martin family, the Aston Martin Cygnet. The Cygnet model will be built in only 2,000 copies and is currently available only to holders of Aston Martin.

Cygnet is based on the Toyota iQ and has completely changed the interior and exterior changes significant. However, the model remains the iQ platform, engine and chassis have been changes. 1.3-liter unit fitted Cygnet Aston Martin develops 97 hp and complies with Euro 5.

Cygnet is not intended for those who have not so far allowed an Aston Martin and want to be proud British manufacturer logo “hanging on”, but for those who already have an Aston Martin and want a complete model city supercar’s endowment. As you know, not all sites are practical supercar in town. Whether we’re talking about low ground clearance, unusual size, long doors, large wheels steering angle extreme, it is difficult to drive a supercar in the city and all non-organic.

That is why Aston Martin has created a model that would reduce CO2 emissions without damaging the British supercars current lineup. The Cygnet will allow Aston Martin should continue to supercars like the DB9, DBS, Fast and others without being restricted too much to European standards. In the future, Aston Martin could develop similar models, which will be offered to current owners of Aston Martin or the general public to further reduce carbon footprint at the corporation without diluting the spirit of trade – the limits of the .

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