If James Bond were a father, then he would have to buy the Aston Martin Rapide. Because there’s no reason why a family man can’t chauffeure in style. Now we know exactly how much is the dashing Brit.

Aston Martin brought with the Aston Martin Rapide one stylish family car on the market. The four-seat coupe is then available for 180,000 euros at the dealers. The key facts are known: twelve cylinder, six-liter displacement and 477 hp – since the ladies will certainly weak, and the men undoubtedly. 303 km / h speed limit creates the new Aston, and who gives the V12 the spores can tear in 5.3 seconds from zero to 100km/h.

But the Aston Martin Rapide meets the requirements of bona fide family transporter to be qualified. The luggage compartment swallows 301 liters, which can be a polo too. Even with rear seat folded down to fit a maximum of 750 liters of pure, not much for a car that is beside the Panamera even against a BMW 7 series or an S-Class Mercdes takes up – and swallow more than 200 liters. And the Rapide must deal with a six-speed automatic to be content, where the competition has now eight switching up your sleeve. On wood and leather sick passengers have to do without, but for technical workers, such as a distance cruise control or lane departure warning and overrunning. The customer will not care. It was most likely that the Rapide is not a true-blue Briton: Europe will be built fantastic athlete for four at Magna Steyr in Graz, because in the main factory in Gaydon no capacity is available.

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