VW Jetta Recall in the U.S. – honking can stop the engine

U.S. Volkswagen has officially announced the recall of 71,043 units, showing problems with the electrical system. Basically, if you use the horn the engine could stop. North American division of Volkswagen has announced a recall of 71,043 units for the new-generation Jetta. The German model has an electrical system problem, a problem that could cause […]

Chevrolet Camaro will be named May Luo Ke in China

Chevrolet officially announced it will launch the new Camaro and the Chinese market. The U.S. will change its name but we were accustomed in May Ke Luo. Chevrolet continues its overall policy and seeks to expand its influence in China auto market. The manufacturer will exhibit at the Detroit Auto Show in Shanghai, scheduled between […]

The new Maserati Quattroporte in Frankfurt 2011

Maserati could present at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this fall, the new generation of the Quattroporte. The design will be inspired by that of the current GranTurismo series. Frankfurt Auto Show, scheduled this fall, could record an important first to stand Maserati. More specialized publications talking about the possibility of seeing a descendant of the […]