Volkswagen Golf GTE 2014 – the Hybrid GTI

Volkswagen launched the new Golf GTE 2014 in Geneva earlier this month. It’s a hybrid plug-in version equipped with items that normally characterises the powerful Golf GTI. Volkswagen Golf GTE is the second member of VW’s hybrid family. Like any hybrid, VW Golf GTE has two engines: a 1.4 liter internal combustion engine that produces […]

VW Jetta Recall in the U.S. – honking can stop the engine

U.S. Volkswagen has officially announced the recall of 71,043 units, showing problems with the electrical system. Basically, if you use the horn the engine could stop. North American division of Volkswagen has announced a recall of 71,043 units for the new-generation Jetta. The German model has an electrical system problem, a problem that could cause […]