Mercedes does not exclude the idea of taking full control of super cars manufacturer Aston Martin. The Germans and Brits already have a partnership that involves the use of common components and engines .

Mercedes already owns 5% of Aston Martin shares. There are rumors that Daimler was planning to take control of the British manufacturer, in an attempt to revitalize its business and expand the range of exotic models.
While trying to remove these speculations, Dieter Zetsche, chairman of Mercedes, did not rule out the possibility of acquiring the remaining shares in Aston Martin. “It’s a fantastic brand and we are willing to support them in their future development” said Zetsche. He also said that Aston is looking for a CEO.

Currently , the partnership between Mercedes and Aston Martin is to use common engines and other key components. This partnership could be extended to use a jointly developed architecture to reduce costs.

This extension would bring new opportunities for Aston Martin, which could thus expand the range of it’s products.

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