MercedesGLK BlueTEC Diesel 2012

Mercedes officials have announced that starting 2012 they will introduce BlueTEC version of the GLK in the U.S.

The biggest battle between manufacturers of today’s cars is given in hybrid and electric models, and the development of such machines require many financial resources and a long time. German manufacturer Mercedes has decided to pay greater attention to diesel cars and wants to become a leader in this segment.

At a press conference held at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Ernst Lieb, director of Mercedes-Benz USA, said that starting 2012, Americans will enjoy their version of the GLK BlueTEC. Moreover, the German official said that in 2013, the American public will benefit from the new C-Class BlueTEC services. Both models will have the powerful 2.2-liter four-cylinder aggregate offering reduced fuel consumption.

Americans are known for “fear” of getting into a car powered by a diesel engine, but despite this fact, purchases made in this segment counts between 12 and 20 percent, and Mercedes expects to hold in the coming years approximately 20% of sales.

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