A few days before the exhibition opens in New York we give you a few photos of the new Mercedes R-Class that somehow emerged on the internet. A remodeling of the mid-career R-Class is heavier than the usual practice at Mercedes.

The restyling is usually fairly discreet at Mercedes: color flashing, retouching shields, many of the grille bar … The R-Klasse is entitled to be treated a little stronger, no doubt to try to correct its sales, Mercedes appears unwilling to admit defeat.

The front of course receives most of the changes and change of countenance. The style is set with a more imposing grille and heavily emphasized. Headlights adopt a style more angular and sharper. Behind the program is measured with a revision of the shield and fires.

Inside, the style evolved little, but nevertheless adopted the R some of the latest range of equipment such as surveillance blind spot. However, we note that Mercedes has not seen fit to give this model its new Command system with central knob.

Enjoy the Image Gallery of the new Mercedes R-Klasse

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