More Light: Cobra equips Mercedes ML with LED lights


The Mercedes M-Class brings a better optics with LED Daytime running lamps and of course greater security. This accessory is part of the tuning range of Cobra for the SUV. The tuners integrate the lights in a stainless steel rod, which is appropriate at the bottom of the bumper series, while the front apron protects against scratches. Alternatively, there is a front bar made of six inches thick stainless steel on which they can also integrate additional beams.

The side parts of the M-Class can be refined: Eight centimeters thick stainless-steel sill tubes provide an interesting look, and the integrated treads also facilitate the entry and exit. The range of wheel-tire combinations for the Mercedes range from 17-23 inch diameter. As a highlight praises Cobra aluminum wheels in size to 11Jx23. The wheels with eight double spokes are either silver or black and have a highly polished stainless steel flat bed. They are equipped with tires the size 315/25 R 23. For the interior, there are stainless steel plates with an illuminated Cobra logo in the entry. Granted, all parts of Cobra have two years unlimited mileage warranty.

Seat Ibiza Bocanegra

Barcelona, 8 Mai 2009 – Seat presented its future version of Ibiza, the Bocanegra, staying remarkably true to the headline-grabbing concept car unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show a little over 12 months ago.

Name says it all
We can clearly identify that the deep black grille, is the feature that was the inspiration for the name Bocanegra (wich translated is: black mouth). In addition, the Bocanegra is different from the front apron with integrated fog lamps, new fenders and a re tail. The XDS electronic differential lock and 17-inch wheels will be the sporty character of the Seat to stress.

The special 17 inch rims on the Seat Bocanegra, may show the AP Racing origin. The back is as aggressive as the front, with the two air outlets and a large air speaker, an impressive spoiler, the tinted rear window, and of course the central placement of the trapezoidal exhaust evacuation. To underline that this is a special SEAT even more, there’s a prominent “Bocanegra” badge centered on the rear hatch of this most exclusive Ibiza.

They did a fantastic job on this one.

Knight Rider Cancelled

According to the Los Angeles Times‘ entertainment section, NBC has killed Knight Rider after one season. One long season, 17 episodes that made us wish that KITT would just blow up and just erase everybody in that show. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the KITT Shelby GT500KR but i couldn’t stand the interminably idiotic dialog, fifth-grade acting and logic-defying vehicle morphing. Let’s just forget about this embarrassing attempt at resurrection of a great show that used to keep my eyes and ears pointed at the TV, and get on with our lives.