Peugeot 308 – 60,000 orders in 6 months

Launched last fall with high hopes from the French manufacturer, the new Peugeot 308 is on high demand in an otherwise stagnant European market. The result: Peugeot supplements it’s production by a adding the night shift .

Peugeot announced that the factory in Sochaux, the most important factory of the brand, will have to create around 600 interim jobs for at least 6 months. This move is designed to increase production of the new generation of the Peugeot 308, which receives a number of requests higher than initially forecasted.

According to data provided by the French manufacturer, 60,000 Europeans turned to the new Peugeot 308 at its market launch, which took place last fall.
Furthermore, the French model has recently received the coveted Car of the Year 2014 title.

In addition to the 600 jobs to be implemented, Peugeot announced the unions that market success of 308 causes an increase in the wages of the workers of the factory in Sochaux by 0.8%.

BMW X4 Official Photos

BMW presented the official pictures of the new BMW X4. The model is a Sports Activity Coupe, and is the younger brother of the X6, built on the platform of the X3. Lot of X’s, I know ­čÖé

BMW X4 is the newest member of the X family. Described as a “SAC”, an acronym made up by BMW short for “Sports Activity Coupe”, it is built on the technical platform of the BMW X3. The BMW X4 boasts a number of elements which confer a more sporting attitude than a X3. These include sports direction variable standard with Performance Control system, leather sports steering wheel equipped with paddle shifting and of course the xDrive system and numerous other amenities.
Another difference between the BMW X4 and X3 is the height at which passengers are seated having a position 20 millimeters lower to emphasize the feeling of a coupe. Unlike a conventional coupe, the BMW X4 provides enough room for five people.

BMW X4 has six engines on offer, delivering between 184 and 313 bhp. All the engines are offered only with all-wheel drive, rear wheel drive versions have not yet been presented though previously announced. The fastest version of the BMW X4 accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.2 seconds.

On the efficiency side, the diesel 20d with an eight-speed automatic transmission offers the most economical version of the BMW X4, with a combined consumption of only 5.2 litres. With manual transmission, the average consumption of is a little higher, at 5.4 liters.

Second Generation VW Phaeton Confirmed

Volkswagen confirmed the launch of the new generation Phaeton, a model with a career spanning 12 years back, and will be the promoter of completely new technology .

The Geneva Motor Show was a new opportunity to reconfirm the launch of Volkswagen’s flagship model, but VW refused to provide details about the release date .

The current model was introduced in 2002 , and after 12 years of work and a lot of facelifts the time has come to say farewell.

The new Phaeton will be the most expensive model and will have to meet a number of key features to be called technological peak in Wolfsburg. Neusser claims that the new Phaeton “will be a leader in the segment, very refined and comfortable.”

Honda Civic Black Edition

In addition to the concept Civic Type R, Honda unveiled a aesthetic package for the Civic available to the European customers. It’s called Civic Black Edition and, as the name implies, focuses on the black colour.

Starting with May this year, European customers can choose the package that includes new front bumper extensions, painted in glossy black, as is the entire body. Don’t forget about the side skirts, rear spoiler and a new rear bumper also dominated by black.

Mirror housings and tank cover have also become shiny. As a contrasting element, the Civic logo on the tailgate was painted silver.

The package is completed by a set of 18-inch wheels , called Nitrogen, which deviate a little from the general idea as they come painted in matt black and feature a center cap with carbon fiber appearance .

BMW i8 – demand is high

BMW i8 hybrid supercar, will be delivered to customers starting with June. The first customers will receive their cars are those who ordered last fall when they opened the pre-orders lists. The waiting list for this model is quite long as you would imagine, but BMW has not disclosed how many units produce each day.
With these announcements, BMW also revealed more data such as fuel consumption and the technical specifications of the model.
Unlike other models in the range , the BMW i8 is only available on certain markets, making it available to customers in only 50 countries. Depending on how the things go, BMW i8 could be present on other markets.

BMW i8 costs 126,000 euro in Germany, $135,700 (plus delivery) in the States and about £99,125 in the UK.

With the battery fully loaded BMW i8 provides a consumption of 2.1 liters per 100 km, about 111.2mpg US. As distance increases, the fuel consumption pattern varies as battery power is consumed by electric motors and the internal combustion propeller is engaged. BMW representatives say they have conducted comprehensive tests with new i8 in real life , and hybrid managed to ensure an average less than 5l/100km in urban areas. Overall, BMW say their plug-in hybrid model is 50 % more efficient than an equivalent model equipped with a combustion engine .

BMW i8 is equipped with a plug-in hybrid propulsion based on a three cylinder engine, accompanied by an electric motor. the internal combustion engine boasts TwinPower Turbo technology, provides 231 hp and 320 Nm, while the electric motor provides 131 hp and 250 Nm. The hybrid system provides 362 hp in a formula focused on efficiency, as is the drag coefficient of the model, 0.26, quite low for a production model, but not the lowest in the world.

In 100% electric mode, the BMW i8 can reach a maximum speed of 120km/h and travel 37 km. Charging the 5.2 kWh battery takes three hours if a standard outlet is used, or in less than two hours, if a special BMW charger and wall box are used.

Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is achieved in 4.4 seconds, 0.3 seconds faster than the BMW M4 Coupe.

Peugeot 308 is Car of the Year 2014 in Europe

Peugeot 308 has been named Car of the Year in Europe. The French model managed to overcome competitors like BMW i3 and Tesla Model S.

The Jury, formed of automotive journalists from the most popular European publications decided that the French model is the best of the candidates this year. In second we have the BMW i3 and third comes the Tesla Model S.

To be eligible for the Car of the Year 2014 competition, a model should be available in the market before the end of 2013 and sales forecast to exceed 5,000 units. A total of 30 cars were eligible for Car of the Year 2014 prize, but after the early stages of competition only seven models remained to compete for the title.

These were the BMW i3, Citroen C4 Picasso, Mazda3, Mercedes S-Class, Peugeot 308, Skoda Fabia and the Tesla Model S.

After counting , the Peugeot 308 has accumulated 307 points in the rankings, followed by the BMW i3 with 223 points and Tesla Model S with 216 points. The ranking was completed Citroen C4 Picasso ( 182 points) , Mazda3 ( 180 points) , Skoda Octavia ( 172 points) and Mercedes- Benz S – Klasse ( 170 points).

Last year, the title of Car of the Year was awarded to the Volkswagen Golf 7.

2015 Audi TT – finally revealed

Last night, Audi has officially unveiled the third generation TT. After a series of images “leaked” on the net in the last couple of weeks, and the release of the official teaser video, we finally have it, the new 2015 Audi TT.

Starting tomorrow, the Audi TT will be on the Audi stand at the Geneva Motor Show.
Prices for the new model have not yet been released.

The new Audi TT has an unmistakable silhouette, thus viewed from the sides the car can be recognized imediately. Viewed from the front though, the story changes. The new TT is more aggressive than ever, and now the front is dominated by the single-frame grille, the signature of all Audi models.

The interior is definitely impressive. It’s been a while since I have seen such an clean interior design, so light and spacious but attractive at the same time.
The Audi designers went with a minimalist theme, like we see in many Audi models lately, including the current A3. The interior is dominated by the five round air vents, a design feature specific to the Audi TT. Vents have now embedded a digital display and adjustable temperature control has been integrated directly into the air intake.
The new MMI controller is in place near the gear lever, but Audi has removed the central display in favour to a new system called Audi Virtual Cockpit, a fully digital display sitting in front of the steering wheel. The new system replaces the analog gauges and offers information from all the sensors in the car.

Audi TT comes with sports seats offered as standard but you can opt for the new S sports seats with a better contour profile and enhanced lateral support.

Overall this will definitely be a bestseller just like the previous models!

2015 Audi TT Video Teaser and all available images

Audi keeps releasing teaser images and videos of the new 2015 Audi TT. We gathered all the released images and the video teaser for you.

The coupe is scheduled to make an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show in a few days.

We can see that Audi will introduce a new dashboard design. The design of new instruments requires the use of a color TFT screen with a size of 12.3 inches, with new climate control buttons, a redesigned center console, sport seats and a redesigned steering wheel.

We also know that with the new TT, Audi will launch its new MMI system that will remove the classic four buttons around the rotary control in favor of a new configuration with only two buttons for ease of use.

Audi wants the new MMI to be used instinctively, without the driver having to look at the buttons. The left button is for submenus, while the right button to access the settings of each submenu. This function can be  compared with the right button of a mouse.

Lexus RC 350 F Sport

Lexus just released the first images of the F Sport version of RC, its coupe segment D. It will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Just like any new F Sport version, the Lexus RC 350 received a new aesthetic package complemented by a set of 19 inch alloy wheels. They have a dark gray metallic finish. In addition, the model has a double wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear suspension.

Differences between RC and RC F Sport are easily noticeable, although they might appear similar if you spot them from a distance. In the interior, in addition to exclusive upholstery, Lexus RC gets the steering wheel and gear shift lever covered in perforated leather.

The Lexus RC 350 F Sport is equipped with a V6 engine that produces 306 bhp and 375 Nm, all this power gets transferred to the rear wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission.
Among the features that stand out in this model we mention the adaptive variable suspension with Lexus Dynamic Handling and Special trim Rioja Red, available only for this version, the Lexus RC 350 F Sport.

Ford Focus 2015 Extensive Gallery + Video

We talked about the new Ford Focus 2015 last week, told you all about the new design and technology and gadgets and all. Just felt the need to come with an update, as we felt we did not do it justice with just a few photos.
So we’ve prepared a more extensive photo gallery of the new Focus so you can have a better look at what’s going to fill the streets of both Europe and the USA.

Oh, but before we get to the photos, here’s a little video from Ford, a making of the new Focus 2015. It has a little Apple-ish touch to it, but I guess it’s the trend now.

And now the photo gallery of the Ford Focus 2015:

We’ll be back with more information about the new engines that Ford has lined up for the new Focus, and also details about the price range that we can expect.
The Ford Focus 2015 will be present at the Geneva 2014 Motor Show that’s starting in March this year, a few days from now.