Launched last fall with high hopes from the French manufacturer, the new Peugeot 308 is on high demand in an otherwise stagnant European market. The result: Peugeot supplements it’s production by a adding the night shift .

Peugeot announced that the factory in Sochaux, the most important factory of the brand, will have to create around 600 interim jobs for at least 6 months. This move is designed to increase production of the new generation of the Peugeot 308, which receives a number of requests higher than initially forecasted.

According to data provided by the French manufacturer, 60,000 Europeans turned to the new Peugeot 308 at its market launch, which took place last fall.
Furthermore, the French model has recently received the coveted Car of the Year 2014 title.

In addition to the 600 jobs to be implemented, Peugeot announced the unions that market success of 308 causes an increase in the wages of the workers of the factory in Sochaux by 0.8%.

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