Czech manufacturer introduced the sportiest version of the second generation Fabia model small class. With a good technical package, Fabia RS segment hothatch sites enter small class where he will meet, among others, Renault Clio RS and even the VW Polo GTI.

Small car, big engine: This is traditionally the recipe for a lot of fun. And thus brings the Skoda Fabia RS with 180 hp at the start. In the end, even with a big surprise.
1976, it began: The VW Golf GTI saw the light of day. A new segment has been established, the name GTI it characterizes today. The recipe is still at Volkswagen: Powerful engine meets small car. For Skoda, the GTI is traditionally called “RS”. The latest model, the Fabia, which is now making its debut. New is also at Skoda from the VW Group’s 1.4 TSI with 180 bhp familiar. Thus equipped the Fabia runs a maximum of 224 km / h and accelerates in 7.3 seconds to 100 km Is the standard seven-speed DSG on board.

And should young herald, Skoda has something on offer that are not present with sister company VW: correspond to the RS as Fabia Combi (a Polo GTI as a Variant). The thick end has, as in the civilian versions, for a compact space without end: A maximum of 1460 liters volume offers express deliveries. Striking in two versions, the new front bumper, which can be equipped with daytime running lights for an additional charge. And otherwise the Skoda Fabia has sent to the gym.

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