The next generation Skoda Octavia will have more aggressive lines borrowed from a concept car that Skoda unveils at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Its official name is Skoda VisionC.

Skoda takes design to the next level. In a few days at the Geneva Motor Show , the brand will introduce the concept VisionC, announcing the new design trend that Skoda will implement in it’s next generation of models. And if by now talking about a car brand that has become particularly well-behaved and with a certain degree of conservatism, the new prototype manages to put salt and pepper on tradition and stand out with courage and aggressive beauty.

“The concept of stress VisionC new level of evolution Skoda design language . This machine demonstrates exceptional design and engineering expertise of the company”

says the official press release in addition to a few official photos released by Skoda.

Skoda VisionC is considered a “five-door coupe” and we figure this concept gives us indications about the look of the next generation Octavia.

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