Volkswagen launched the new Golf GTE 2014 in Geneva earlier this month. It’s a hybrid plug-in version equipped with items that normally characterises the powerful Golf GTI.

Volkswagen Golf GTE is the second member of VW’s hybrid family.
Like any hybrid, VW Golf GTE has two engines: a 1.4 liter internal combustion engine that produces 148 bhp and an electric motor of 101 bhp. The two form a hybrid engine of 201 bhp and are able to launch the Golf GTE from 0-100 km/h in 7.6 seconds. The real special feature of this model is its maximum torque of 350 Nm, superior to other equivalent models in the segment. The Golf GTE can be driven in 100% electric mode up to a speed of 130 km/h.

Volkswagen Golf GTE’s battery can be fully charged from the outlet in just three and a half hours while it’s autonomy is 50 km in 100% electric mode. Overall, the total autonomy is around 940 kilometers, according to official estimates.

Sales for the new Golf GTE will begin in the summer with first deliveries set for later this year.

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